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CrossFit All-levels

$20 per classFrom $18 per visit with 10 Class Pack passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $20
5 Class Pack $100 • 5 visits • 5 classes bundled into one pass to be used over a month.
10 Class Pack $180 • 10 visits • Offers the athlete the flexibility and convenience of trying CrossFit before they transition to a membership.
2x per week $130 every month • Unlimited visits
3 x Per Week, Monthly $160 every month • 3 visits per Week
3x per week, no contract $180 every month • 12 visits per Month
Membership Contract $200 every month • Unlimited visits • The most popular membership. Get access to all the classes so you can train with us everyday.
Month to Month Membership (No Contract) $220 every month • Unlimited visits • This membership offers flexibility for the seasonal athlete or the traveling professional. No contract required with this membership.
Couples - 3xper week, monthly $250 every month • 6 visits per Week • Our 3x per week membership, now extended for partners/spouses. Saves you over $50 if you join with your loved one.
Paid in Full - 3 Months, 3 x per week $425 • 3 visits per Week for 3 months • Limited to 3 CrossFit classes a week/per month, for 3 months (doesn't include Open Gym).
Paid in Full - 3-months $550 • Unlimited visits for 3 months • Great value for students in town for the semester!

Couples paid in full 3 months, 2x per week $660 every 3 months • 2 visits per Week
Couples - Paid in Full, 3 x per week - 3 Months $725 • 6 visits per Week for 3 months • A great way to save for couples looking to join and train together.
Paid in full - 6 months, 3x per week $800 • 3 visits per Week for 6 months
Paid in Full - 6-months $1,000 • Unlimited visits for 6 months • The best value for committed athletes. Save over $20 per month off the standard membership when you prepay. Get access to all classes!
Couples - Paid in Full - 6 Months $1,700 • Unlimited visits for 6 months • A great way to save for couples looking to join and train together.
The objective of this class is to maximize your fitness potential through a combination of gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural (cardio) movements. All fitness levels welcome.