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Barbell Strength

$20 per classFrom $18 per visit with 10 Class Pack passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $20
5 Class Pack $100 • 5 visits • 5 classes bundled into one pass to be used over a month.
10 Class Pack $180 • 10 visits • Offers the athlete the flexibility and convenience of trying CrossFit before they transition to a membership.
Barbell 1X/week $60 every month • 4 visits per Month • 4 classes of barbell per month
2x per week $130 every month • Unlimited visits
3 x Per Week, Monthly $160 every month • 3 visits per Week
3x per week, no contract $180 every month • 12 visits per Month
Membership Contract $200 every month • Unlimited visits • The most popular membership. Get access to all the classes so you can train with us everyday.
Month to Month Membership (No Contract) $220 every month • Unlimited visits • This membership offers flexibility for the seasonal athlete or the traveling professional. No contract required with this membership.
Couples - 3xper week, monthly $250 every month • 6 visits per Week • Our 3x per week membership, now extended for partners/spouses. Saves you over $50 if you join with your loved one.
Paid in Full - 3 Months, 3 x per week $425 • 3 visits per Week for 3 months • Limited to 3 CrossFit classes a week/per month, for 3 months (doesn't include Open Gym).
Paid in Full - 3-months $550 • Unlimited visits for 3 months • Great value for students in town for the semester!

Couples paid in full 3 months, 2x per week $660 every 3 months • 2 visits per Week
Couples - Paid in Full, 3 x per week - 3 Months $725 • 6 visits per Week for 3 months • A great way to save for couples looking to join and train together.
Paid in full - 6 months, 3x per week $800 • 3 visits per Week for 6 months
Paid in Full - 6-months $1,000 • Unlimited visits for 6 months • The best value for committed athletes. Save over $20 per month off the standard membership when you prepay. Get access to all classes!
Couples - Paid in Full - 6 Months $1,700 • Unlimited visits for 6 months • A great way to save for couples looking to join and train together.
This class is designed to help beginners learn barbell movements, intermediates master their technique and advanced lifters to take it to the next level. It provides a great supplement and compliment your CrossFit training. All fitness levels welcome.